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Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt - a guided tour to an exhibition at Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin

Nowadays, Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt are celebrated as German cosmopolitans. They embody the accomplishments of public education, a new perspective on nature, and an unbiased look at the cultures outside of Europe. Their biographies, however, are marked by the contradictions of their time: the image of the equality of all people as conceived by the Enlightenment contrasted with the existence of colonialism and slavery. The new discovery of nature goes hand in hand with its mastery and destruction. International exchange and cooperation are unable to prevent nationalist exclusion.

The one-hour public tour in the exhibition focuses on the brothers as Europeans in the context of their time.

It looks at social and political areas for negotiation and organization, examines the relation between knowledge and power, and sheds a light on how historical consciousness, politics, science and economics change the perspective on humans and their environment. In doing so, questions arise about the actuality and evaluation of their lives and undertakings in our present time.

exhibition details:

✔ Exhibition & guided tour: Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt
✔ opens daily from 21.11.2019 until 19.04.2020
✔ guided tour: Fri 3 pm
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21.11.2019 - 19.04.2020

Fri 3 pm 

24.dec.: closed

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